Let your inner self shine

You are bright as star made with stardust

You are born to shine

Think of all those stories untold, all those poems not recited, all those paintings not framed, all that knowledge not shared. You are a novelist, a poet, an artist, a photographer, a storyteller, a coder, a singer, a scientist, a fashion designer, an adventurer, a cook, … an extraordinary human being inside. But on the outside you live just as ordinary as everyone else do. Wake up. Let your passion not die. It’s the inner you that describes who you really are. Let the world be amazed by the stories that you write. Let them hear the songs you sing, let them know the secretes of your delicious recipes. let them see the fashion you make, the adventure you take and the astonishing paintings you create. Every one of us in the world is special, if we dear to nurture our inner self. Don’t loose your identity. Share your creativity. Join us. Join with Rimikri.

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© Rajib Biswas | 2017