Definition and classification

  • What is aplastic anemia? Hl
  • What is severe aplastic anemia? A / What are the criteria of severe aplastic anemia? Hl
  • What is pancytopenia? H51


  • Q

Etiology and Pathophysiology

  • What are the causes of aplastic anemia? A, h43
  • What are the causes of pancytopenia? A, h51

Clinical manifestations

  • What are the presentations of aplastic anemia? A, h44


  • What are the abdominal findings of aplastic anemia? H47


  • What investigations do you suggest for aplastic anemia? A, hl
  • Please tell PBF and bone marrow findings of aplastic anemia. H48
  • What single investigation do you suggest in this patient? A
    • What next investigation do you suggest? a


  • Why do you consider this diagnosis? Hl
  • Why is this not acute leukemia? hl
  • What are the diagnostic criteria of aplastic anemia? hl


  • What is the treatment of aplastic anemia? A, hl
  • What is the treatment for fever with aplastic anemia? H50 / Which antibiotic you chose for the treatment of fever with aplastic anemia? hl


  • Q



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