• What is bronchiectasis? A, hl
  • What are the types of bronchiectasis? A, hl
  • What is dry bronchiectasis (bronchiectasis sicca)? A, hl

Etiology and Pathophysiology

  • What are the causes of it? A, hl
    • What are the components of Kartagener’s syndrome? Hl
  • What is the most common site of bronchiectasis? A, hl
  • Why does hemoptysis occur in bronchiectasis? A, hl

Clinical manifestations

  • How will you clinically diagnose a case of bronchiectasis? H102
  • What are the presentations of bronchiectasis? A
  • What are the causes of foul smelling sputum? Hl
  • What is the cause of the fetid sputum? Hl
  • What are the typical signs of bronchiectasis? A
    • What are the causes of basal crepitations? A
    • What is post-tussive crepitation? What is its significance? A
  • What are the characteristics of sputum in bronchiectasis? A, hl
  • What abnormalities may be associated with bronchiectasis?


  • What are the cardinal findings on examination in bronchiectasis? H104
    • What are the respiratory causes of clubbing? H103
    • What will be the color of sputum of pseudomonas infection? hl


  • What investigations do you suggest in bronchiectasis? A, hl
  • What is the definitive investigation for bronchiectasis? Hl
  • What are the radiological findings? Hl
  • What is the role of CT scan in the diagnosis of bronchiectasis? A
  • What is the difference between standard CT scan and HRCT? a


  • What are your differential diagnoses? A
  • Why it is bronchiectasis? A
  • Why not IPF? A
  • Why is this not consolidation? Hl
  • Could it be lung abscess? hl
  • If a patient with bronchiectasis develops nephrotic syndrome (or urine shows proteinuria), what is the likely diagnosis? A
  • A 45-year-old male presents with cough with profuse amount of sputum for 3 months. What are the possibilities? H95


  • How will you treat bronchiectasis? A, hl
  • If anaerobic organism infection, how will you treat the caes? hl
  • What is postural drainage? Hl
  • What are the indications of surgery? Hl


  • What are the complications of bronchiectasis? A, hl



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