Definition and classification

  • What is the CML? A
  • What are the myeloproliferative disorder? A, hl317
  • What are the clinical phases or types of CML? A, hl
  • What is blastic crisis? a


  • How many patients with CML is Ph chromosome positive? Hl
  • What is the age incidence of CML? hl

Etiology and Pathophysiology

  • Which chromosome is responsible for CML? Hl
  • What is Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome? hl
  • What are the causes of massive splenomegaly? a

Clinical manifestations

  • How does the patient usually present? A, h
  • How can you suspect blastic crisis clinically in CML? a


  • Q


  • What investigations do you suggest in CML? A, hl
  • What is the blood picture of CML? Hl
  • What is the bone marrow finding in CML? hl
  • Mention one single investigation which will help in diagnosis or exclude other diagnosis. A


  • What are the points in favour of your diagnosis? Hl
  • Why is this not myelofibrosis? Hl
  • How can you differentiate CML from myelofibrosis? hl


  • How to treat CML? A, hl
  • What is the first line therapy for CML in chronic phase? H
    • How does Imatinib act? Hl
  • How can you treat an accelerated phase and blast crisis? Hl
  • What are the second generation tyrosin kinase inhibitore? hl
  • What are the therapies that may cure CML? A
  • What is the prognosis of CML? a


  • What are the causes of death in CML? A, hl



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