Questions on diarrhoea


  • Define diarrhea? H30, 1e460, am140
  • Classification
  • What are the causes of acute diarrhea? 1e460, am104
  • What are the electrolyte imbalances occurring in acute watery diarrhea? h, 1e461
  • Patient presented with acute watery diarrhea, how will you manage the patient?
  • What are the causes of chronic diarrhea? ie462
  • What is the most common cause of chronic diarrhea? h, ie462
  • Diagnose a case of chronic diarrhora. 1e463
  • Classification and signs/ assessment of dehydration. am104,105
  • What is steatorrhea? h
  • What are the mechanisms responsible for malabsorption? h


  • What is dysentery? e18, am105, h76i
  • What are the causes of bloody diarrhea?
  • Management
    • Amoebic. e19
    • Bacillary. e18, am108, h79i
  • Amoebic vs. bacillary. e20, h78i



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