Enteric fever

  • What is enteric fever? H2
  • What are the types? H3
  • What is the mode of transmission? H4
    • Tell some infections transmitted by feco-oral route. H5
  • What is the incubation period of typhoid fever? H7
  • What are the clinical features of typhoid fever? H8+H9, D339/e40
    • What is relative bradycardia? H11
  • Which type of fever occurs in typhoid fever? H10


  • What are the investigations done in typhoid fever? H14
  • What is the finding in CBC? H18
  • What are the antigens in Widal test? H15
  • What are the interpretations of Widal test? H16
  • Is Widal test specific for TF? e41
  • What is the definitive diagnosis? H17


  • How can you treat enteric fever? H19, e41, am155
  • Pregnant female with typhoid fever tx. e41


  • What are the complications of typhoid fever? H12+H13, D340/e42
  • What are the systemic complications of typhoid fever? H13
  • What is the carrier stage of TF? e42


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