Definition and classification

  • What is GBS? A
  • Which type of disease is Guillain-Barré syndrome? l
  • What are the variants of GBS? A
  • What is Miller-Fisher syndrome? A
  • What is neuronal (septic) shock? Hl
  • What are the causes of sudden muscle weakness? H94


  • Q

Etiology and Pathophysiology

  • Which type of paralysis occurs in Guillain-Barré syndrome? l
  • What are the causes of flaccid paraplegia? A
  • What are the causes of acute flaccid paralysis? Hs
  • What is the cause of GBS? What is the mechanism? A
  • What are the causes of motor neuropathy? a

Clinical manifestations

  • How does the patient of GBS usually present? a


  • What are the clinical findings in GBS? A
  • What are the cardinal findings on examination of GBS patient? Hl
  • What is the condition of jerks in GBS? hl


  • What investigations do you suggest in GBS? A, hl
  • When will you do lumbar puncture? H89 (10 days after onset of disease.)
  • Why will you do lumbar puncture after 10 days? hl
  • What are the typical findings in CSF? Hl
    • What do you mean by albuminocytological disassociation? hl


  • Why do you think flaccid paraplegia? Hl
  • Why do you think GBS? Hl
  • Why is this not spinal cord compression with neuronal shock? Hl
  • Why is this not hypokalemic periodic paralysis? Hl
  • Why is this not CIDP? Hs
  • What history would you like to ask this patient? hs
  • What are the differential diagnosis of flaccid paralysis? Hl
  • A 15-year-old boy presented with weakness of both lower limbs for 3 days which is ascending in nature. He has history of loose watery motion 14 days back. What is your most probable diagnosis? H80
  • How can you differentiate GBS from poliomyelitis? Hl
  • What is the finding in poliomyelitis? hl


  • How to treat GBS? A, hl
  • What are the indications of IV Ig in GBS? A
  • What are the side effects of IV Ig? Aq
  • What are the adverse effects of plasmapheresis? A
  • When is the patient ventilated? hl
  • How can you follow-up this patient? hl
  • What is the prognosis of GBS? A, hl
  • What are the adverse prognostic factors? hl


  • What are the dangerous complications of GBS (cause of death)? a



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