• Define GERD. Hl/223
  • What are the clinical features of GERD? Hl
  • What are the complications of GERD? Hl
  • How can you treat GERD? Hl

Barrett’s esophagus

  • What is Barrett’s esophagus? Hl/223

Carcinoma of stomach

  • What are the common presentations of carcinoma of stomach? Hl/223
  • Tell the sites of carcinoma of the stomach. hl
  • What are the paraneoplastic features of carcinoma of the stomach? Hl
  • How can you confirm the diagnosis? hl
  • What are the modalities of treatment? Hl

Intestinal TB

  • Name some diseases which affect the terminal ileum? H112
  • What are the presentations of intestinal TB? h113
  • What are the pathological types of intestinal TB? h114
  • What are the indications of steroid in TB? h115

Oral ulcer

  • What are the causes of oral ulcer? H116
  • What are aphthous ulcers? H117


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