• Name some tumors of the liver. H111
  • Which tumor is the most common and why? H112


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Etiology and Pathophysiology

  • What are the risk factors/causes for HCC? H113
  • Why secondary carcinoma is more common in liver? hl

Clinical manifestations

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  • What findings do you expect examining the liver? H114


  • What investigations will you do in HCC? Hl
  • How can you screen HCC in cirrhotic patients? H116
  • How will you screen CLD patient to detect hepatoma earlier? Hl
  • What are the indications of screening? Hl
  • What are the metabolic abnormalities which may be found in hepatoma? hl


  • What is your diagnosis? Hl
  • Why do you consider hepatoma? Hl
    • When will you suspect that hepatoma has developed in cirrhosis of liver? hl
  • Why do you consider CLD with portal hypertension? Hl
  • Why are these not hepatic metastasis? hl
  • How can you differentiate HCC from secondary tumor? H


  • What is the treatment of HCC? H118
  • What treatment modalities are available for hepatoma? hl


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