• What is kala-azar? H28, am160
  • What is the vector of kala-azar? H29
  • What are the forms of Leishmania donovani? H30
  • Which form is LD body? H31
  • What are the presentations of kala-azar? A, h32
    • What are the causes of good appetite but loss of weight? A779
  • What do you mean by relapse, reinfection and resistant kala-azar? A782
  • What investigations are done to diagnose kala-azar? A, h33
  • What is DAT? H34
  • In field level, which investigation is used? H35
  • Why is it spleen and not kidney? A778
  • What are the mechanisms of anemia in kala-azar? A, h37
  • What are the complications of kala-azar? A, h36


  • How to treat kala-azar? A, h38
  • What is the contraindication of miltefosine? H39
  • What are the side effects of sodium stibogluconate? H40
  • How to see the response of therapy? A, h41


  • What is PKDL? A, h42
  • What is the presentation of PKDL? a783
  • What investigation is done to diagnose PKDL? a784
  • What are the differential diagnoses of PKDL? a783, am162
  • How to treat PKDL? A, h43


  • Why bleeding occurs in kala-azar? A
  • Why bleeding during treatment with sodium stibogluconate? A
  • How to treat if there is bleeding? A
  • How to treat if there is relapse? A
  • How to treat a resistant case of kala-azar? A
  • How to treat kala-azar in pregnancy? A
  • What is kala-azar treatment failure (KATF)? A
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