• What is the causative organism of malaria? H44
    • What are the species of plasmodium? H45
  • What is the vector of malaria? H46
  • What types of malaria are common in Bangladesh? H47
  • Which type of fever in different types of malaria? H48, H49, e63
  • What is the most dangerous malaria among 4? e63
  • What is cerebral malaria? H50
  • What are the causes of anemia in malaria? H51/e65
  • What do you mean by relapse and recrudescence? H52/ e63


  • What investigations are done to diagnose malaria? H53
  • Why thick and thin film are done in malaria? H54


  • How can you treat P. vivax malaria? H55, am 159
  • What is radical cure? H56
  • How can you treat uncomplicated falciparum malaria? H57, am159
  • How can you treat cerebral malaria? H58, e69
    • How can you give quinine in cerebral malaria? H59
    • Why is quinine used in DA? H60
  • What is the chemoprophylaxis of malaria? H62, am158
    • Which drugs are used for chemoprophylaxis? H63
    • How long is chemoprophylaxis given? H64


  • What are the complications of P. falciparum? H61/ e64



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