Definition and classification

  • What is myasthenia gravis? A
  • What is myasthenic crisis? A
  • What is cholinergic crisis? A
  • What diseases are associated with MG? a
  • What is Eaton-Lambert syndrome (LEMS)? a


  • Q

Etiology and Pathophysiology

  • What is the pathology in MG? a
  • Name one drug which can cause myasthenia gravis. a
  • Which muscles are commonly involved in MG? a
  • What are the exacerbating factors of MG? a

Clinical manifestations

  • What are the features of myasthenia gravis? a


  • What is ice on eyes test? A
  • What bedside tests are done in MG? a


  • What investigations should be done in myasthenia gravis? A
  • What is Tensilon test? A
  • What is the finding in repeated nerve stimulation test (RNS)? a


  • What are your differential diagnoses? A
  • How to differentiate between myasthenic crisis and cholinergic crisis? A
  • What are the differences between Eaton-Lambert syndrome and myasthenia gravis? a


  • How to treat MG? a
  • What is the role of thymectomy? A
  • What is the prognosis after thymectomy? A
  • What drugs should be avoided in MG? a


  • Q



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