Definition and classification

  • Please tell the principles of management of poisoning. H1


  • What are the features of OPC poisoning? H2
  • How can you treat this patient? H3
  • How atropine and pralidoxime is given in OPC poisoning? H4
  • What are the signs of atropinization? H5
  • What are the causes of death in OPC poisoning? H6
  • What is the common poisoning in childhood? H7

Kerosine poisoning

  • A 3-year-old boy ingests kerosine accidentally and is brought to you. Will you give stomach wash? H8
  • This patient is well and running and playing after 4 hours. What will you do? H9
  • What are the clinical features of kerosine poisoning? H10
  • How can you manage kerosine poisoning? H11

Stupefying poisoning

  • How will you manage a patient of stupefying poisoning? H12
  • What is diazepam poisoning? H13
  • What is the lethal dose of diazepam? H14
  • What are the clinical features of diazepam poisoning? H15
  • How will you manage this patient? H16

Snake bite

  • A man is brought to emergency with history of snake bite 3 hours back. On examination, cyanosis, ptosis, dribbling of saliva are found and patient cannot hold his head upright. What do you think? H17
  • How can you manage? H18
  • What are the types of antivenom? H19
  • How to differentiate poisonous and nonpoisonous snake bite clinically? H20
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