• What is primary biliary cirrhosis? A
  • What is secondary biliary cirrhosis? A
  • What are the diseases associated with PBC? A, hs
  • What is anti-mitochondrial antibody (AMA)? A, hs
    • What are the types? Hs
    • Which is specific for PBC? hs


  • Q

Etiology and Pathophysiology

  • What are the causes? A
  • Why itching in PBC? A
  • What are the causes of granuloma in liver? A
  • What are the causes of anemia in PBC? Hs
  • Why bleeding tendency (patichae and ecchymosis) occurs in PBC? hs

Clinical manifestations

  • How the patient with PBC usually presents? a


  • Q


  • What investigations are done in PBC? A, hs


  • Why it is PBC? A, hs
  • Why is portal hypertension? hs
  • What are your differential diagnoses? A
  • Why not this is a case of cirrhosis of liver? A
  • Why not hemochromatosis? A
  • Why do you consider lymphoma as differential diagnosis? hl


  • How to treat this patient? A, hs
    • How cholestyramine works? a
  • What is the prognosis of PBC? a
    • What is the best indicator for prognosis in PBC? A
  • What are the indications of liver transplantation in PBC? a


  • What is the risk of hepatobiliary malignancy in PBC? a



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