Definition and classification

  • Classify psychiatric disorder. H1
  • Define delusion, hallucination, and illusion. H2
  • You saw mads in the street. What are the psychiatric reasons of madness? H3
  • Two mads in the road, one is well-dressed and delivering lecture in road and other is dirty having no cloth. What are your diagnoses? H4
  • Please tell some stress-related disorders. H33
  • What are puerperal mental disorders? H34


  • What is schizophrenia? H5
  • Please tell the first-rank symptoms of acute schizophrenia. H6
  • What are the negative symptoms of chronic schizophrenia? H7
  • What is the treatment of schizophrenia? H8

Antipsychotic drugs

  • Please classify antipsychotic drugs according to groups. H9
  • What are the second generation antipsychotic drugs? H10
  • What is the benefit of second generation antipsychotic over first generation? H11
  • Tell the common side effects of antipsychotic drugs. H12
  • What are the extrapyramidal effects? H13
  • A 13-year-old girl is brought to you with eyeballs rotate upward, patient cannot close eyes and face is grimacing. She gives history of taking metoclopramide for vomiting. What is your diagnosis? H14
  • How can you treat this patient? H15
  • How long should antipsychotic drugs be given? H16
  • Classify psychotropic drugs. H17

Anxiety disorder

  • Please tell the common types of anxiety disorder. H18
  • What are the features of generalized anxiety disorder? H19
  • Name two antianxiety drugs. H20
  • What are the differential diagnoses of generalized anxiety disorder? H21

Mood or affective disorders

  • What are the mood or affective disorders? H22
  • Please tell the clinical features of major depression. H23
  • Please name antidepressant drugs. H24
  • Please tell name of some mood-stablizing drugs. H25

Somatoform disorder

  • What is somatoform disorder? H26
  • What are the syndromes included within this category? H27
  • What is dissociative (conversion) disorder or ‘hysteria’? h28
  • What are the common presentations of dissociative (conversion) disorder? H29


  • What is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)? H30
  • What is the management of OCD? H31
  • Please give an example of OCD? H32
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