Definition and classification

  • Name some common skin problems. H1
  • Name some common bullous disease. H22

Dermatitis herpetiformis

  • Why have you told dermatitis herpetiformis? hs
  • What is the pathophysiology of dermatitis herpetiformis? Hs
  • What is the treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis? Hs
  • What are the side effects of dapsone? Hs

Atopic eczema and ringworm

  • What are the common sites of atopic eczema in children? H17
  • How can you differentiate eczema from ringworm clinically? H18
  • What is the organism responsible for ringworm? H19
  • What are common sites for ringworm? Please tell the name according to their site. H20
  • How can you treat ringworm? H


  • What are the common clinical presentation of chronic arsenicosis? H23


  • Please name some sexually transmitted infections (STI). H24
  • What is the difference between veneral disease and sexually transmitted disease (STD)? h25
  • Gonorrhoea
    • How will you diagnose a case of gonorrhea? H26
    • Which organism is responsible for gonorrhea? H27
    • Which specimen will you collect from the patient for diagnosis of gonorrhea? H28
    • What are the investigations to confirm the diagnosis? H29
    • How can you treat gonococcal urethritis? H30
    • When is doxycycline used in gonococcal urethritis? H31
    • What is ophthalmia neonatorum? H32
  • Syphilis
    • What is classification of syphilis? H33
    • What is the organism of syphilis? H34
    • Which type of organism is it? H35
    • What is primary chancre? H36
    • How will you differentiate primary chancre from chancroid? H37
    • What is the drug of choice in the treatment of syphilis? H38
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