• What is Parkinsonism? A, hs
  • What is Parkinson’s disease? A
  • What is Parkinsonian plus? A
  • What is dyskinesia or akinesia? A
  • What are stages of Parkinsonism? A
  • What are the types of dyskinesia or movement disorder? a


  • Q

Etiology and Pathophysiology

  • What is the pathological change in Parkinsonism? A, hs
  • Where is the lesion in Parkinson’s disease? H121
  • What are the causes of Parkinsonism? A, hs
  • Tell some common drugs causing Parkinsonism. hs
  • What are the causes of Parkinsonism according to age? a
  • What are the types of rigidity in Parkinsonism? A
    • What is the difference between rigidity and spasticity? A
    • What are the features of hysterical rigidity? a

Clinical manifestations

  • Describe the tremor in Parkinsonism. A, hs, h123
    • What are the differences between essential tremor and parkinsonian tremor? A, hs
    • What is tremor? What are the causes of tremor? H122
    • How can you differentiate between thyrotoxic and Parkinson’s tremor? H124
  • Describe dyskinesia or hypokinesia in Parkinsonism. A
  • Which type of gait is in Parkinson’s disease and describes the gait? H120
  • Describe the typical gait in Parkinsonism. A
    • What are the other abnormal gaits in Parkinsonism? A
  • What is the mental status in a patient with Parkinsonism? a


  • What are the triad of Parkinson’s disease? H119
  • What are the reflexes and plantar response in Parkinsonism? a


  • What investigations should be done in Parkinsonism? A, h126


  • What is your diagnosis? Hs
  • Why have you told Parkinson’s disease? Hs
    • How can you differentiate Parkinson’s disease from Parkinsonism? Hs
    • Why causes would you think if the patient is less than 40 years? Hs
  • How would you diagnose Parkinson’s disease? hs
  • What are the diagnostic criteria for Parkinsonism? a
  • What specific past history have you taken in this patient? A
  • How to differentiate between post-encephalitic Parkinsonism and paralytic agitans? A


  • What are the treatment modalities in Parkinsonism? A
  • What is the treatment of Parkinson’s disease? A
  • What are the drugs used in the management of Parkinson’s disease? A, hs
  • What is the role of surgery in Parkinsonism? a


  • What are the extra-pyramidal effects of different antipsychotic drugs? A
  • What is asterixis? What are the causes? H128
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